What we do

Good Girl Communication AB

What we do

We think, we plan, we do. Together.

Think audit:

In an ideal world, I (and sometimes a team of mine) perform a communications audit on your organisation. Consider it a check-up, of sorts, to create a baseline, an agreed current state, to build from. Together, we identify your strengths and weaknesses (yes, we do call them that) and suggest improvements. An audit like this is a great tool in preparation for strategic changes, restructurings, mergers or acquisitions. Or if you simply want to take the pulse on your communication.

Think strategy:

Sometimes we develop a communication strategy to help employees understand the business strategy. Sometimes it is a major change that needs a communication strategy. Or a new way of working. And sometimes it is a wild and crazy innovation idea that needs to be shared. We define audiences, messaging, channels, timing and metrics to support.

Plan communication:

Some clients have already done the thinking and ask for planning help. Or project management for a communication initiative. In any case, I can provide the framework and structure for a successful project. I can help identify stakeholders, define roles and responsibilities, or key competencies needed to deliver. And I can explain tasks, rationale and reason.

Do communication:

Again, some clients have done both the thinking and the planning and need a doer. Sometimes that doer is me, and sometimes it is someone in my network. It means I can get your communication material, be it copy, imagery, film or design sorted. By some of the best in their business. And little ol' me.

And it goes without saying: I operate with complete confidentiality and with limited web-presence, unless we agree otherwise.

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